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Building Asset Management Services
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Facility Services - Fixed Asset Management

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We believe in implementing and optimizing technology for greater freedom and returns for our clients. Technology should be easy to use by the operator and be fit for purpose to provide effective asset management; with our background in Commercial Buildings' controls and software, we apply our skills and knowledge to use technologies to automate processes and data collection for efficient facility operations for our clients, including energy, operations, and maintenance.

Our Asset and Facility Management Services are flexible and designed in consultation with our client. In our passion for technology, we strive to integrate the best systems and software to optimize the facility operations to manage your building like a machine.

We serve you first by listening to your objectives and your goals, together we develop an strategic plan to reach those goals with the given constraints of budgets and time lines. Our Aim is to provide our clients with a smooth operation which builds value into their assets and returns time back into their day.

Facilities Account Management

We provide a dedicated account Manager to each site, a 1300 number and a maintenance portal for tenants and landlords

  • Weekly/Monthly Reporting
  • Budget Monitoring
  • Record keeping
  • Invoicing and remittance
  • Administration
  • Client Support
  • Tenancy Liaison
  • After hours support
  • Statutory/Legislative Obligations
  • Web login

Facilities Procurement

With our lengthy experience in he construction industry, we know how to ensure best market value and results

  • Market Value
  • Tender Management
  • Negotiation
  • Supplier checks
  • verification
  • Scope of works
  • Engineering
  • Statutory Compliance

Facilities Maintenance Management Services

Proper maintenance services which are effective and monitored as part of our building management

  • Sustainability KPI's
  • Contract Management
  • Budget Controls
  • Verification
  • Performance Audits
  • Supplier Management
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Maintenance management Software (hosted or site)
  • Corrective Maintenance
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Preventative and Comprehensive SLA's
  • KPI's within Sub Contractors service agreements
  • Delivery and Supplier Warranty monitoring

Facilities Property Services

Property services from general cleaning to specialized HVAC and Janitorial services

  • General Cleaning
  • Floors, Hard and Carpet cleaning
  • Kitchenette services
  • Office Cleaning
  • Office Maintenance
  • Windows and Glass
  • Waste removal
  • Car parks
  • Ad Hoc Handyman Repairs
  • Gyp rock repairs
  • Painting
  • Furniture Relocation

Facilities Trade Services

Our Trade back ground ensures the best quality trades people only are engaged, this includes those that clean up after they are finished.

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Automations
  • Digital systems
  • Access Control
  • Security
  • Passive Fire
  • Wet Fire
  • Hot Water
  • HVAC / Air Conditioning

Facilities Building Management

Dedicate Managers with trade back ground and/or tertiary qualified.

  • Building Managers
  • Facility Managers
  • Regular reporting
  • Site Supervision
  • Supplier Management
  • Security and access control
  • Risk Management
  • Tenant Liaison
  • Ad Hoc maintenance
  • Trade Back ground
  • Furniture relocation
  • Facility Supervision

Facilities Statutory Obligations

Legislate responsibilities are critical in to days facility environment.

  • Legislative Compliance
  • Building Energy Efficiency Act
  • Nabers
  • CBD Lighting
  • Fire Codes
  • Occupational Requirements
  • Council Requirements
  • Property Acts
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Common Property

Facilities Building Services Audits

Audits provide visibility into the operations of the site, we offer specific audits as part of our FM agreement

  • HVAC Audits
  • BMS Audits
  • Lighting Control Audits
  • Lamp Audits
  • nabers assessments
  • CBD Lighting Assessments
  • Energy Audits, Levels 1,2 & 3


Sustainability in no longer a "buzz" word, but a serious part of contracting and delivery

  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Monitoring and Automated reporting
  • Energy Metering of Electrical Power, Gas, Fluid Energy
  • Electrical Generator Monitoring
  • Remote internet Access
  • Energy verifications
  • Energy Conservation strategic Planning
  • Reporting, recommendations and costs

Support services:

  • Waste management
  • Recycle opportunities
  • Measurement with technology
  • Automated reporting
  • WHS recording
  • Planing with NABERS
  • Annual Audits
  • Tenant satisfaction
  • Risk Management
  • 24/7 emergency Contact
  • after hours assistance
  • Tenant Liaison
  • Daily/weekly/monthly reporting

Facilities Energy Systems

Strategic opportunities include:

  • BMS integration
  • High Level Interface
  • Low level Interface
  • O.E.M. interfaces
  • Peripheral Monitoring
  • Carbon Dioxide & Monoxide
  • occupancy Sensors
  • VOC sensors (NABERS)
  • Easier Reporting
  • Alarms to E-mail & SMS
  • Web server for access
  • Car parks
  • Culture Change
  • Supporting Stakeholders
  • Implementing Ideas
  • Solving Staff issues
  • "selling" Green
  • false economies elimination
  • Developing and building the culture of Sustainability
  • Motivating all
  • Delivering Outcomes

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Risk Management

Lighting Control

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